Why people still choosing tank water heater?

August 25, 2022

When the Los Angeles homeowners need a water heater, they generally have two types to choose from – storage tank and tankless.

Though tankless are known for instant hot water supply, energy efficiency, and longer lifespan, tank water heaters are is a preferred choice of the people for a wide variety of reasons, including; 

Low Purchase Cost

The first and foremost advantage of a tank water heater is the lower purchase cost. Additionally, the price to install a tank water heater is much lower whereas, a tank-less water heater costs a lot more to install and is also relatively expensive to buy.

Easy Installation Process

Tank water heaters are relatively easy to install, and the process typically takes only a few hours (2-3 hours). On the other hand, the installation of a tank-less water heater is more difficult, as it may require upgradation of home’s electrical system or the gas line to support a tankless unit and expensive additional equipment.

Why People Still Choosing Tank Water Heater?

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    Low-Cost Repair

     When a tank water heater is not functioning properly, there might be some issue that is needed to be repaired. It is quite less costly to repair a tank water heater, whereas a tankless water heater is more complex and expensive to repair.

    Easier To Replace

    If your tank water heater has spent 14-15 years, it might need a replacement. Replacing a tank water heater requires less time and effort than a tankless water heater, which can be difficult because of the complexity involved in the relocation of existing piping.

    Low-Cost Repair
    Less Costly Maintenance

    Easy To Operate

    Tank water heaters are easier to operate than tankless. There is no need to change the gas line location or gauge, which is frequently the case with a tankless unit.

    Less Costly Maintenance

     Though both kinds of water heaters require maintenance, however, performing regular tune-up of a tank water heater is less demanding.

    Maintaining a tankless water heater can be onerous as the minerals that build up inside the heat exchanger are often overlooked and can cause severe damage to the unit.

    Limit Utility Bills

    Tank water heaters are great for homes. A water heater with a storage tank limits the usage of hot water and keeps the bills down. However, tankless heaters can cause the bills too high as they need a continuous supply of electricity or gas.

    Provide Water During A Power Outage

     If you have a tank water heater, you can store hot water in the storage tank and use it at the time of power breakdown. However, the tankless water heater cannot provide hot water during a power outage.

    Limit Utility Bills

    Let Us Help You Choose The Best Water Heater

    A water heater is a long-term investment. Whether you want to install a unit from scratch or replace your old unit, it is important to make the right choice. We at Local Pro have the most up to date knowledge to advise you of exactly what type and brand and model of water heater will best suit your needs.

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