Electric water heater beeping

October 16, 2020

Like any other household appliance, an electric water heater may also sometimes start to make strange noises, leaving the homeowners perplexed about what has gone wrong with it.

Among those odd noises is beeping, which may be initiated by different problems depending on the make and model of your unit.

Some of the common reasons your water heater may be making a beeping sound include;

Electric Water Heater Beeping in Los Angeles

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    Water Heater Leaking

    A water heater may start beeping to warn that there is a water leak. Have a look at the floor under your water heater; if it is wet, it is an obvious sign of a water leak. However, the problem may also be an indication of a gas leak.

    Water Heater Overheating

    Your electric water heater may also start to beep when its tank is overheating due to the high temperature, a buildup of mineral sediment, or a broken pressure relief valve.

    Water Heater Leaking
    Water Leaking from Evaporator Coil

    Water Leaking from Evaporator Coil

    Some electric water heaters may also start beeping due to a leaking evaporator coil. The problem may lead to a frozen evaporator coil, refrigerant loss, and ultimately cause a total compressor failure if the unit is not shut off immediately and left unrepaired.

    Water Heater Keeps Shutting Off

    If your water heater shuts off on its own after emitting a beep, look at the error code in the user manual to determine what does it mean.

    Water Pressure is Too High

    Sometimes, the pressure of the water may fluctuate between low and high as it flows through the pipes of your house. High pressure isn’t detrimental only for pipes but can also damage the water heater. Some models of the unit may start beeping when the water pressure is alarmingly high.

    Final Words

    If your water heater noise is making a beeping sound, it could be a warning sign for anything from water or gas leak, to an overheating, to high pressure or a faulty pressure sensor. What it exactly means depends on the model of your water heater.

    It is advisable to consult with its user manual or visit the website of the manufacturer to determine the cause of the problem. The manufacturer usually provides self-help tips to remedy minor issues with the unit. 

    However, if you are unable to identify the cause or if it seems to be a bigger problem, get your unit inspected by a professional water heater technician as soon as possible. 

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